While Young Thug is one of the hottest artists out at the moment, there's no question that it's pretty damn difficult to understand some of his lyrics on songs. Hell, people are probably still trying to figure out what he says on "Lifestyle." Well, in a new video with GQ, Thug is trying to simplify things for his fans as he reads the lyrics to his song, "Best Friend," and it's hilarious.

At one point, it seems like Thugga is giving a book report in front of the camera, and to hear him slow down and read some of the lyrics is almost too much. He even tries to fit in spaces for the ad libs, and continues to hit cadences from the song even though he's just reading the lyrics. If nothing else, this video is a good way to kill time while we wait for Thugga to drop his SS3 project, which he said is coming soon.