Just as everyone expected, the Plies and Young Thug beef isn't going away anytime soon. Yesterday, Plies talked about their differences on Complex News' show, Well Rounded, and called Thugga a lower tier rapper. Now, Thug has responded to Plies latest diss on his Twitter account. He fired back and said he has more hits than Plies could ever have. "Uma millionaire pussy boy, and I bought my whole family CARS/HOUSES have u lil n***a," Thug wrote.

The beef between the two originally started back in the Fall when Plies posted a video of Thug's young daughter and then escalated to the point where Thug said that he would slap Plies if he saw him. Plies has yet to respond to Thug's latest series of tweets, but it's likely that he won't take kindly to the shots in his direction. Check out Thug's tweets below, and watch Plies' interview from yesterday where he dissed Thug in the first place here