Back in December, Ty Dolla $ign and Wiz Khalifa hit the Village Studio in Los Angeles to film an incredible live performance of their collaboration, "Or Nah," for the "Spotify Sessions" series. The video is part of a full session that Ty did with Spotify, where he delivered a number of live renditions of his songs in an intimate setting.

For "Or Nah," Wiz and Ty linked with the live band to bring the steamy track to life with some real emotion that is set off with the band and DJ behind them. Not only do Ty and Wiz both slay their verses, but they each throw in some added background crooning that really gives this version multiple layers. Though the song originally came out way back in 2014, it still sounds as great as ever and gets an added boost from the live rendition. You check out Ty's "Spotify Session" here, and watch the video above.