NTM are the real OGs of the French rap scene, and as their name translates "fuck your mother", they're basically France's answer to N.W.A. Their music possesses an anger and contempt for authority and the police that naturally invites comparisons to Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and co., and it's an apt comparison as both Bruno Lopes and Didier Morville suffered through social inequality and racism and used their musical talents to reflect their reality. The comparisons don't end there, however, as NTM have had numerous legal battles with the law over allegations of incitement of hatred and assault.

It's easy to tell the two men apart: Lopes often features a lot of humour in his lyrics, and is decidedly funkier than Morville who boasts an extremely deep voice and has become synonymous for his lazy flow. Their heyday came and went by the time the millennium came around, but for the best part of a decade, they were the French kings of rap and idols for the legions of French rappers that followed.