The first and only time I saw RAGERS was back in November of last year, at Montreal’s La Vitrola. I arrived to see a set by Montreal rap trio The Posterz, and found myself instead, staring at an instrumental electronic band wearing metallic masks, ripping through a set of trap-meets-rap-meets-electro-meets-metal. Had it been any other act, I might have retreated to the bar to grab a drink and post-up pre-Posterz, but this show was instantly magnetic. It was weird, it was theatrical, and and it was like nothing I’d ever heard or seen before. When the band finished, I took note. RAGERS are a trip.

Today, we’ve got a premiere for RAGERS’ new video for “XXO,” featuring French vocalists Manast and ZéFIRE. “XXO” is more laid-back than a typical RAGERS party, so they decided to pair it with a visual that strays from what one might expect from your average party video. “We wanted to step away from things we usually do,” RAGERS told Complex. “This is a song about the usual vices associated with some hip-hop artist (girls, alcohol, and drugs in all their forms), but having a party scene would have been too cliché. That's where the idea of the banquet came from, the idea of having people pick their poison.”

Watch the Mystsau-directed visual for “XXO” by RAGERS above. Stay tuned for their new project, Unum, dropping some time in 2016.

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