Space Is The Place Records, the label run by Normaling and Astrolith's .rarKelly, is getting ready to put out Art Royalty Abstract, the latest release from Baltimore rapper/producer TT The Artist. Ever since she featured on Normaling's "Low Drop" with Rye Rye in 2014, Space Is The Place has been loudly and proudly championing her as an artist. Art Royalty Abstract​ (out Feb. 19) features a mind-bending 19 remixes, including efforts from T_A_M, Big Dope P, Astrolith, Normaling, and more. One of the LP tracks, "Giddy Up", has just been remixed by Tony Quattro. Turning it from a rap banger into something altogether different, her bars are chopped up over a chaotic, often abrasive club workout with icy synths and galloping drums, paired with manic sirens and a roaring crowd. In this sonic gladiator ring, TT The Artist shines.