On Apr. 1, Gaps will be releasing their debut album In Around The Moments on vinyl (it was originally released digitally last year on Maya Jane Coles' I/AM/ME, the first non-MJC release on the label), and to build up hype they've just announced the release of a remix package around lead track "A World Away" (also on I/AM/ME). The five-track EP features three interpretations of the track (as well as the original versions of the track and "Your Own Sweet Time"), and our personal favourite was this one from Montreal-based Eekkoo, who provides an urgent, driving techno remix. Where the original centered around Rachel Butt's haunting vocals and a slightly folksy guitar, these have been stripped down to the bare essentials, beefed up with subdued euphoria and a hark back to the cavernous sounds of '90s techno.

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