When elusive producer Mssingno dropped his self-titled debut EP on Goon Club Allstars back in 2013, few were prepared for just how utterly new it sounded. Everything about his productions sounded as if they came from space, all rendered through the lens of an original grime fan; the kind of fan who would've stayed up all night taping pirate radio sets and running out at the weekend to pick up the latest Wiley dubplate.

Now, two years after the release of his debut, Mssingno is back, knowing fine well we've been fiending for a follow-up pretty much since the day after the Mssingno EP dropped. They say good things come to those that wait and his new EP, Fones, does not disappoint. Continuing down the road of expansive and haunting melodies, coupled with trancey chords and syrupy, almost unintelligible R&B vocal samples—​it's beautiful, eerie, and one of his most danceable collections to date.

Stream Fones in full below and cop it now via XL Recordings.