LL Cool J is back hosting the Grammy's again this year for, incredibly, the fifth consecutive time. Recently The Wrap caught up with LL to talk about what we as viewers can expect to see from this year's ceremony and he made sure to single out Compton rap phenom Kendrick Lamar. "Kendrick Lamar is going to do something very controversial,” the host said. “And that’s what art is about. It’s not about whether you agree or disagree, it’s about it stimulating conversation and provoking people to have conversations about society.”

Given that peek behind the curtain, and the fact that he's up for an astounding 11 golden gramophones, this year's ceremony has the potential to turn into the Kendrick Lamar show. Nevertheless, LL also went on to rundown some of the other performers noting that Taylor Swift is expected to open the show, Rihanna will make an appearance, and Lady Gaga will be onhand to perform a tribute to the recently departed pop icon David Bowie. Additionally, Adele and Justin Bieber are also both expected to perform.  "I think it’ll be a lot of fun this year. I think people will be blown away,” he added. “So many artists doing so many great things.” Check out the full interview above.