Kanye West wasn't lying when he said The Life of Pablo was going to be a gospel album. Taking this project in over the course of the last 12 or so hours has felt like like going to church. The sloppy rollout, the rambling thoughts on Twitter, the G.O.O.D. Fridays or lack thereof—it all seems worth the wait now. We wanted the old Kanye, and we got what we asked for; this album could've been named Good Ass Job, to be honest.

Yeezy must've changed this tracklist and release date at least 10 times in the last week or so. His handwritten list, accompanied by signatures from everyone who slid through to give the god inspiration, has been deciphered and speculated upon. While most of the artists on there weren't all featured, the ones that were didn't disappoint.

Desiigner, the latest G.O.O.D. Music signee, makes a solid appearance, and it sounds like Kanye may've struck gold with the Brooklyn artist. Rihanna did her guest spot on "Famous" justice. Ty Dolla $ign knocked his features out the park, as did the-Dream. We've been listening to TLOP nonstop since it dropped and have been given the tall task of ranking the features in the few hours that we've sat with it. Check out our picks below.