With Kanye West's Yeezy Season 3 show at Madison Square Garden—where he's debuting his new album, T.L.O.P.now only a day away, 'Ye just revealed on Twitter that the show will be live-streamed on Tidal. The stream will begin at 4 p.m. EST tomorrow and be available to anyone who wants to watch, and not just Tidal subscribers. The show is also being streamed at movie theaters around the world, much like his previous two Yeezy Season shows.

This announcement comes as a bit of surprise, as Kanye's overall involvement with Tidal wasn't really known, even though he was present when Jay Z first announced the new streaming service. It's also unclear if this means that Kanye's new album, which is expected to drop after the show tomorrow, will now be a Tidal exclusive like Rihanna's ANTI album was. Kanye also revealed on Twitter that more tickets to the show have opened up. We'll continue to update details on the show and his new album as they become available.