Kanye West has a history with the paparazzi. In the past few years, he’s either snapped at them for talking to him or he’s been super nice by constantly saying "thank you." This latest instance looks like he’s continuing to take the high road.

TMZ caught a video of Mr. West leaving the airport. After taking a few steps in, two photographers exchange blows at each other’s faces. Instead of walking pass them and going about his day, West ends up hugging one of them during the commotion. This was possibly a move to keep the situation calm.

Shortly after diffusing the altercation, West went back to shaking hands, signing autographs and cordially answering the many questions shouted his way. When asked if he and his wife Kim Kardashian would have a third child, "Perhaps," he replied. Someone else brought up Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and West posited that he thought the billionaire "might end up helping out."

That last question was in reference to West reaching out on Twitter to Zuckerberg to request that he help him out financially to the tune of $1 billion for his artistic endeavors. "Mark, I am publicly asking you for help," he wrote. Naturally, the Facebook founder was nonplussed by the request, especially seeing as how it came from a different social media platform than the one that he famously runs. 

Is this a sign of the new Kanye growing up from the old Kanye? Check out the footage above.