At one point in Kanye West's newer songs "No More Parties in L.A." from his latest album The Life of Pablo, the rapper claims to be a "38-year old, eight year old." Based on this newly surfaced video of the young rapper dropping a hot freestyle, you can see why he'd want to recall his younger self. Allegedly filmed by his mother, the late Dr. Donda West, the short 18-second clip captures a very young Kanye dancing and spitting bars with a remarkable degree of skill.

A lot of the words are difficult to make out due to the low-grade quality of the audio, but the off-the-cuff rap definitely ends with a typically braggadocios Kanye reminding everyone that "nothing less could come from West." The person behind the camera immediately breaks out into laughter and replies "Get out of town Kanye!"

Age 12 was apparently a highlight year for the brash, young upstart. Here's another video that captures West delivering a poem about Martin Luther King Jr. in middle school around the same time.