French Montana is dropping a new mixtape titled Wave Gods later tonight on DJ Khaled's "We the Best" radio show, and this morning, he called into Hot 97 to talk about the project and much more. Aside from talk about the tape, French spoke about the the whole Kanye West and Max B "Waves" situation and how it all played out. "Kanye didn't really know who Max B is, which is kind of strange to me when me and him were talking," French said. "Once I gave him the homework behind everything, you know, we got it together."

As far as Max, who is hosting the new mixtape, French said that he was cool with Kanye having a song called "Waves" on the album. Of course, Max is also featured on The Life of Pablo on "Silver Surfer Intermission," so it now appears that all is well between everyone. In fact, French also mentioned that Kanye hit him up after the album came out to try and help with Max's case. Kanye will be featured on French's new mixtape, which drops tonight at 8 p.m. (EST) via Apple Music.