When Zane Lowe puts his mittens on a song to introduce it to the world, you're pretty much guaranteed that it's a smash. With that said, he's just unleashed the brand new single "Young Rich & Radical" from Club cheval's upcoming album, Discipline, and it's definitely a gem that you should be getting excited about.

When we put this quartet (Sam TibaPanteros666Canblaster, and Myd) on your radar back in the summer of 2015, it was with the idea that something big was on the way, and it looks like "Young Rich & Radical" is that "big" moment. The track is a magnificent blend of pop and dance music, blending inspiring lyrics ("Wake up everyday/Like there's no tomorrow/Don't you be afraid") with mid-tempo, piano-driven bliss. Throw out whatever preconceived notions you have in your head regarding "pop bangers" and get motivated with this anthemic journey.

Club cheval's Discipline will be released on March 4 via Bromance/Parlophone /Warner Bros.