Last week, Chief Keef put out a call to his million-plus followers on Twitter to vandalize a house in Minneapolis, Minn., where three college students were living. Those three women are now homeless after leaving the residence because they feared for their life.

One of them, Ashley, spoke with Fox 9 in Minneapolis about the situation and revealed she is living out of her car for the time being. "There are rumors about previous tenants, someone talking smack about him during a video game," she said. "For someone to be so influential over a million followers, it saddens me that you would take time out of our day to screw up someone else’s life, and not even making sure it's the person you want to screw with."

It's still unclear why Keef sent out a request for his followers to, “Throw eggs and s**t in a bag, and rocks and all that at this address. Ima repost it." What is clear is people's lives have been put in danger at the hands of the Chicago rapper.

A neighbor of Ashley's who asked not to be identified said he was robbed at gunpoint the same weekend Keef sent out the tweet, and he believes the incident was connected. "It’s heavier than just their little tweets someone types with their hands. You got all these knuckleheads running around looking for their five second of fame," he said.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise money for the women so they can properly relocate. You can donate here.