Charlie Puth recruits Vince Staples and AndreaLo for the official remix of "Suffer." AndreaLo replaces the original beat for something better suited to set a late night mood while Vince hops on to gift the track with a whole new verse. The remix takes the track from a sweet, mid-tempo love song into a sultry bedroom anthem. In addition to the remix, there is a new video starring Puth alongside a mysterious brunette. The two film each other as they hang out for one seductive night.

This isn't the first time Charlie has made headlines for getting close with a girl—even if it is just for performance. More recently, Charlie's name flooded the headlines after his extremely long on-stage kiss during his performance with collaborator Meghan Trainor at the American Music Awards. Of course, Charlie later explained the producers of the show told him to do it. This remix and video are sure to give "Suffer" a huge push for Puth's fans and beyond. Watch the video above. Charlie's debut album, Nine Track Mind, is out now.