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Shad Moss (aka Bow Wow aka Lil Bow Wow) mostly did a fine job as the host of CBS' Grammys Preshow, but right before the big show was about to start, he flubbed it bad. As the clock was counting down from two minutes to show time, Moss twice tried to throw it to host LL Cool J, but was well ahead of the countdown both times, causing him to falsely announce the start of the show twice in a row before CBS cut away from him for the final 20 seconds. It's not clear if he was given the wrong cues or misread what he was given, but it's obvious that the two parties weren't exactly on the same page, resulting in some pretty awkward opening moments.

Thankfully, once the show got started, things ran pretty much as planned. You can check out all the winners here, and all the night's performances here here. Complex also broke down the best red carpet style here.