If you're like most people, you've heard Beyoncé's latest single "Formation" that she also performed at the Super Bowl halftime show. The song includes a reference to Bill Gates with the line, "You just might be a black Bill Gates in the making, cause I slay/I just might be a black Bill Gates in the making." In a recent interview with Wired, the Microsoft billionaire was asked about the name drop, and he had an interesting response. "Yeah, I hadn’t realized that she did that until somebody in the office actually sent me a copy of the lyrics and I said, 'Are you serious? This is kind of a strange set of words here.' I’m surprised—I’m not sure she said those words at the Super Bowl, though, did she?" For the record, Beyoncé definitely did sing her Bill Gates lyric during her epic Super Bowl performance

Still, Bill Gates took the shout-out as a compliment. "I guess it’s nice that people consider me successful." The tech icon also said that he hasn't met Beyoncé before, but he does know her mogul husband, Jay Z. "I know Jay Z because when I did some humor right when I was retiring from Microsoft—he was nice about participating in that, and did a great job on that. I guess I should do a Bing search and see if there are more uses of my name that I don’t know about." If Bill does that search, it's unlikely he'll find any name drop as monumental as Beyoncé's.