Album: Ridin' Dirty

UGK never released "Murder" as a single—they didn't release anything off Ridin' Dirty as a single, for that matter—and the Port Arthur duo of Bun B and Pimp C still sold 850K copies just off the strength. "Murder" is just two verses, Pimp C then Bun B, over a relentless beat, laying out the realities of the drug game. Pimp C lays it all out mathematically—"Got the pounds going for 4 cause you know I just pay 2/Nigga bought 30 from me So I front him 42" before Bun B closes out with a verse that's one giant hip-hop quotable from start to finish—"Now as my pockets thicken/I be kickin' nickel slickin' you sick when I be clickin'." Underground kings indeed. —Russ Bengtson