Album: Piece of Mind

An underappreciated gem from Tela’s debut album Piece of Mind, “Sho Nuff” sounds like something straight out of Pimp C’s rhymebook. Dirty and raunchy, Tela, alongside fellow Memphis natives 8 Ball and MJG, paint a typical night in the club, where tricks are shaking it and showing love with barely anything on. These guys know better though, and keep their distance. “No different from the rest, she’s just an ordinary ho/Hair extensions, long nails, ass thicker than gumbo,” raps 8Ball. MJG more or less says the same in his verse, calling out women who pay no mind until he got famous. It shouldn’t come at a surprise that the video itself illustrates their lyrics—bottle service, women partying in the VIP, and money thrown everywhere. It's just that ‘90s gaudy life. What a time. —Eric Diep