Album: Ghetto Millionaire​

At the height of the East/West tension Queens rapper, and Mic Geronimo protege, Royal Flush took the unlikely tact of admonishing his coastal brethren for their acute bitchassness. Over off-kilter, borderline psychotic violin stabs Flush gets to the heart of it in spoken preamble: “Lettin' niggas talk that “New York, New York” shit—fucks the deal? Niggas in New York be lettin' niggas shit on em. First you drinkin’ Snapple now you sippin' Moe? Just cause you livin', ain't no reason for you to be shittin’, faggot. Word...Go getcha guns.” One part “LA, LA,” one part “Stake Is High,” what follows basically reiterates this point that New York rappers are letting the West herb them and Flush is available to distribute open hand slaps, you know, for the culture. Maybe not the most nuanced record to be released in 1996, it perfectly articulated a sense of myopic frustration harbored by his borough’s thug rappers, and their fans. “Worldwide, worldwide, wherever beef is startin’ / keep your mind on Queens when the dogs start barkin’.” Bow wow wow, yipee yo ki yay. Motherfuckers. —Noah Callahan-Bever