Album: Muddy Waters

New Jersey’s Redman is your favorite MC’s favorite MC, and had already been slaying boomboxes with his first two albums (1992's Whut? Thee Album and 1994's Dare Iz a Darkside) by the time his critically-acclaimed Muddy Waters hit in 1996. The album’s second single, the Erick Sermon-produced “Whateva Man,” found Red and E doing what they do best: getting you “open like buttcheeks” with their smoked out tracks. Red had a way of blending hilarious punchlines with the verbal dexterity that influenced greats like Eminem while delivering stoner comedy like a modern day Cheech to Method Man's Chong. And while Redman’s worked with the best, there’s a wave that he and Sermon ride that makes them form like Voltron and become indestructible. If you’ve got 10 on it, and are ready to guzzle this liquor, this is THE soundtrack for your chilled afternoons. —khal