Album: Bad As I Wanna B​

"Cold Rock a Party" was a major win for the Brooklyn-born MC Lyte, but the version that everyone got acquainted with was the Bad Boy remix, a.k.a. a Diddy production featuring an obvious Diana Ross sample with Missy Elliott featured on the track. Sure, Lyte was already a hip-hop veteran that could “blow the roof right off of hip-hop,” but at this point in '96. Diddy and Missy were certified heat makers, and practically gave Lyte this one on a silver platter. "Cold Rock a Party" dropped three years after Lyte's last big single (1993's "Ruffneck"), and was the last glimpse of her song-writing skills on a major level. It was a massive club hit, and became Lyte’s most successful single, going gold in the U.S. while also impacting worldwide. —khal