Album: The Resurrection

After a messy breakup, the Geto Boys returned in 1996 with The Resurrection, arguably the best album the group ever recorded. Reuniting the core lineup of Scarface, Willie D and Bushwick Bill, the Geto Boys combined their well-known horrorcore brand with a newfound sense of seriousness and self-awareness. They crept onto the Billboard charts once again with “The World is a Ghetto,” a song that flipped the script on their gangsta rap sensibilities by offering a scathing lyrical indictment of living conditions in inner-city Houston, Texas, rather than a violence-riddled glorification of it. It even connected the imagery to a larger statement on the world’s lack of consideration for the lives of black people. “They call my neighborhood a jungle/And me an animal, like they do to people in Rwanda/Fools fleeing their countries to come here black/But see the same bullshit and head right back,” raps Bushwick Bill. At a time when most eyes were on the coastal rivalry, the Geto Boys broke through the noise and helped assure southern rap continued to have a place at the table. Angry and politically charged, “The World is a Ghetto” stands up with the best of the group’s music. —Chris Mench