Album: The Final Tic

Chicago-based MC Common had already touched the world of hip-hop, showcasing the Southside of Chicago's heavy New York influence when it came to lyricism and sound, but it was Crucial Conflict (who hailed from the Westside of Chicago) that ended up going gold—a sales figure that far exceeded Common. With a sound that had a heavier Los Angeles influence while embracing their "country" roots, Crucial Conflict took it a step further and added an Old West aesthetic to their slang, which birthed the intoxicating mix you see on their classic single "Hay." Instead of deep with lyrics and metaphors, CC was getting lit “in the middle of the barn” to an undeniably bouncy track. Hip-hop has a plethora of weed-burning anthems, but “Hay” might be one of the most underrated gems to hit that sector of the spectrum. If you see smoke coming from the barn, you know what they’re smoking on. —khal