Album: Gravity

The Bush Babees were kinda wack. Let’s just get that out of the way up front. And I say that having paid $7.99 ($8.65 with tax!) for both of their albums. But where their ‘94 debut was as a goofy, if hooky, failed stab at success, their ‘96 effort, Gravity, was a modestly successful stab at legitimacy. They slid up under the dissolving Native Tongues and attached themselves to the crew’s bohemian legacy via features from Q-Tip and Mos Def, and beats from the Ummah, Posdnuos, and Shawn J. Period. Though the LP was kinda meh-plus, it had one one perfect moment—where an epically ambient Pos beat and monstrously catchy Mos hook collided—“The Love Song.” The trio from Brooklyn stepped up their execution to their ambitious collaborators, and god was it gorgeous. Sublime, really. Tucked between a slow rolling bassline and delicate organ vibes, Mr. Man, Light, and Lee Majors exchange bouyant, memorable sucker MC raps. And then there’s Mos Def. Fresh off his song stealing verse on "Stakes Is High," Mos delivers an absolutely effortless, absolutely perfect baritone chorus that really gives the entire oeuvre purpose, and a timeless charm. Love is love, after all. —Noah Callahan-Bever