With his upcoming album, ​Aa, set to drop on March 18, Baauer’s in full promo mode. He recently hit up The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to debut the new single from the project, “Day Ones," featuring Leikeli47 and Novelist, and like clockwork we get the official video for this surprising track.

The Hiro Murai-directed piece brings to life the militia-esque vibe from the Late Show performance, with two armies going at it in what looks to be a supermarket parking lot at night. Novelist and Leikeli47 don’t appear to have chosen sides, but they both keep it intense with their performances on the sidelines. Similar to the Late Show performance, all of the focus is on the performance, while none of it is on Baauer. “Day Ones” is available as a gratis track when you pre-order Aa.