Last week, Dizzee Rascal did the rounds on Hot 97 and Sway In The Morning where he discussed the history of grime, his role in the genre's development as well as some brief discussions about his tumultuous relationship with Wiley—it bears mentioning he gives Wiley plenty of props and still hails him the godfather of grime.

This week, Wiley was invited on to Not For The Radio to discuss a lot of the same subjects, but focusing more on his own career. At over an hour long, they obviously covered a lot of ground. They talked about the recent wars between Chip and Bugzy ("The person who has benefited from it most is Bugzy. I didn't know who he was, and all of a sudden he's got 5 million views on his thing, and he's dropped an EP and it's gone into the album charts. I ain't got an EP in the album charts. It's benefited Bugzy more than Chipmunk. But Chipmunk never lost no war. Weird one.") and now Cadell and Stormzy ("I just wish my brother wasn't clashing him. I don't know where he got the vibe to say 'I'm gonna clash Stormzy today.") Perhaps most exciting was the possibility of a biography and a biopic: "I have a book deal and I have a film. That's my main thing to show. I was with the film people just before today. I've watched every biopic, but the N.W.A has triggered me."

Oh, and if there's any doubt over who won that clash in '04... 

"Kano won that. 100%. I've always said that. It's cos I'm not a liar. I might lie to gal if I cheated, but..."

Case closed.