Rap is an equal opportunity landscape in 2016, but this white bro is pushing the limits of what's acceptable. Thanks to the guys over at BroBible, we're now aware of this new video from Young C.E.O. for his song "Secret Illuminati Rap Video Leaked" that is truly something else. This is the kind of video that you can't forget what you saw no matter how hard you try to suppress the painful memories. Young C.E.O. is out here rapping about his alleged $200 million trust fund over O.T. Genasis' "CoCo" beat while looking like the biggest douche of all-time.


Like seriously, this is not the way to start 2016. From his terrible bowtie to the abundance of struggle raps, Young C.E.O. really needs to get the hell out of here with this. The girls in the video clearly look like they're only being paid to be there and Young C.E.O.'s friends look like outcasts from a failed Ralph Lauren marketing campaign. We're really off to a bad start in the New Year if this kind of stuff is going to be allowed. Let's all strive to do better and officially do away with Young C.E.O. and his white bro raps.