Portland singer TYuS is on the rise, and his latest video for "I Know" properly showcases his captivating demeanor to go along with his smooth vocals. In it he meets up with his girl at a motel for a late night rendezvous that also includes a video camera as an accessory. "I know what you like/Good dick and dollar signs," he sings over the moody backdrop. You do the math on what's about to go down.

TYus caught some unexpected attention last year when people online came across what they believed to be new PARTYNEXTDOOR songs. It turned out someone had taken TYuS' vocals and altered the pitch to make it sound like PND's voice. Here's what he told us about the situation:

"One day I woke up to a text message from a friend saying that Karen Civil had tweeted some of my songs as the PND Ferina EP. After looking further into it I realized that a fan had taken the songs, slowed & pitched them down to make them sound like PND and uploaded them to YouTube as the PND Ferina EP. To this day I still don't know who it was or how it started. I've just been focused on making new music for the fans and completing my project. I'm just thankful for the great reception and support from the fans."

Check out the Brian Campbell-directed video above and keep up with TYuS' latest happenings on Twitter.