UPDATE: 1:10AM: Following his interview on REAL 92.3, Tyga tweeted at the radio station's account and clarified he is not featured on Kanye's upcoming album, WAVES. "I'm not on waves," he wrote. "If y'all gon quote me. You can't be twisting my words." Watch the full interview above.


See below for the original story.

Tyga appeared on REAL 92.3 tonight with some surprising news. He claimed he'll be appearing on Kanye West's newly renamed album, WAVES

Kanye also apparently played mediator between him and Drake by putting them in a room together. The two rappers squashed their beef right then and there and are now cool again.

While Tyga and Drake are cool again, the beef between Drake and Chris Brown is still on. Despite this, Tyga is optimistic the two stars can make amends down the road.

Tyga was also asked about the feud between Lil Wayne and Birdman that has since been squashed. According to the rapper, he let it play out without getting involved, and if it did come to an official split between Wayne and Birdman, he would have been fine.