T.I. is notoriously known for his nickname, “King of the South,” but do you know what goes hand and hand with that? His signature hat tilt.

Fans have enjoyed the amount of memes and countless blog posts dedicated to Tip’s epic hat tilts over the years. Seriously, how does he still keep his fitted on his head?

Yesterday, a fan decided to further investigate with a fun challenge. He posed a friendly competition of an “Anti-Gravity Hat Challenge” to Tip. The rules were simple: if he didn’t respond in 24 hours, he’s the new king.

Other fans joined in, with varied results. Some of these fans got really creative.

With the day almost over, Tip wasn’t going to let a fan best him at something he’s exceptionally good at. He responded to the fan with a hat tilt of his own. It’s safe to say he won the battle, but the war is just beginning.