UPDATE: Rejoice, NBA commissioner said during an interview with TMZ today that he's still tring to figure out a way for Drake to perform during the show. Cross your fingers. 

Earlier today, the NBA announced that Sting will perform during the halftime show of the All-Star game in Toronto next month. While there's no doubt that Sting is a legend, both for his solo work and with the Police, most people on social media seemed pretty confused by the choice. Again, not because of Sting, but more because of the NBA's younger target audience and the fact that Drakethe Weeknd, and Justin Bieber are all Canadian and would have been great choices.

It's unclear if the NBA actually reached out to Drizzy, Abel, or Bieber to perform for the show, and if they did, if all three artists declined. Though he's not performing at the actual All-Star game, Drake will be all over during the weekend, and is actually coaching against Kevin Hart in the celebrity game. Still, a performance would have been peak. Anyway, Twitter had a field day with the choice.