We're almost one month down in 2016, and it looks like we have received a truly awe-inspiring piece of electronic excellence from Skrillex's OWSLA by way of this new collaboration between San Holo and Yellow Claw. Everything's truly "Alright" when beautiful, bass-infused bangers like this are present.

While we've not heard much from OWSLA's upcoming Worldwide Broadcast compilation, it feels like "Alright" is a step in the right direction, especially for those who think the label and its artists can only do one kind of sound. San Holo was looking to do something different with "Alright," as he'd been "studying sound synthesis a lot lately." San says that, "Once you understand how sound waves and specific synthesis methods work, you’re able to create every sound you want. I found this to be very inspiring and so I wanted to create a track that was entirely built of sounds that I designed myself, without using any audio samples. This is how 'Alright' was born."

Instead of making this just another beat to vibe out to, the Dutchman hooked up with fellow Dutch crew Yellow Claw. "My aim was to create a drop that was unlike any other, something crazy and uncommon, but still with a banger-vibe to it," he says. "Yellow Claw delivered some great vocals that I incorporated in the track later on. These vocals really turned this 'track' into a 'song,' which is what I love! 'Alright' is quite an experimental, futuristic track."

As for the rest of 2016, San Holo has his eyes on the prize, with "a lot of new tracks" set to drop on his bitbird imprint. "I’m gonna be playing my music all over the world, something that I could only dream of doing a year ago." For San Holo, just like his collaboration says, everything's going to be alright.