Rich Homie Quan has finally addressed those questions about having sex with his cousin. If you remember, his vivid lyrics on "Numbers" raised speculation about the matter at the tail end of 2015. "I ain't know we were related, but I hit my cousin, I ain't trying to do no dating, so I skip the subject, shawty say she gon' tell her big brother, I tell that lil bitch to go tell her big brother," he rapped on the song.

Our own Emily Oberg met up with Quan in Atlanta to work out for the newest episode of Get Sweaty. During the workout, the inevitable topic came up when Emily asked why he rapped about having sex with his cousin. "In Georgia, you have big families. So, like, when I say it, I didn't know the person was my cousin." When asked if he meant it, Rich said, "Yes. Like a cousin's, cousin's, cousin." The place he found this all out? At a family reunion, of course. It doesn't get more awkward than that. Watch the full episode of Get Sweaty here where the two also discuss his debut album, Rich as in Spirit, who we can expect a feature from on the project, and how all of those other incidents from 2015 have affected him.