Last week, GQ published an in-depth interview with R. Kelly, where he talked about his troubled relationship with Aaliyah​ and the numerous sexual assault allegations against him over the years. Today, GQ continues the Kellz content with a new video where he sings and talks his life story for 45 minutes straight, and that's no exaggeration. Throughout the video, Kellz sings about various points of his life, such as his mother getting shot as a child and the allegations against him, which he called rumors. "I blinked my eyes and next thing I know, I was in the midst of success, in the midst of drama, in the midst of rumors, in the midst of love and in the midst of haters," he says.

The video brought back memories of Kellz's Trapped in the Closet series, but with his own personal memoirs. If you can't make it through all 45 minutes, there's also a seven minute abridged version that you can watch below.