There's a bit of a movement going on right now. It's called "wave", and if you've caught any of Plastician's sets lately you'll have heard him championing the new sound quite regularly. In fact, the Croydon DJ and producer recently dedicated an entire mix to the sound, which featured two tracks from Kareful's new Deluge LP ("Darker Waters" and "She Wanna"). Kareful, born Jude Kaufman, is the poster child of the movement that started in 2015 and he's about to release the album in question. This music isn't really made for the club (Plastician notes that a lot of the tracks open with odd numbers of beats and are often difficult to mix together), but more to be enjoyed as pieces of music rather than as "club tracks", and there are certainly no "bangers" in the traditional sense.

Much of Deluge owes a debt to club genres like trap but there's a real focus on emotion and atmosphere, often built around ethereal vocals or unusual samples. What the future holds for this emerging sound is unclear, but it's certainly giving us some exciting releases. Listen to Deluge exclusively below.