2015 was another affirmative year in UK rap and grime, continuing the current trend that has seen the listenermore than ever beforeactively search for and support the stars of tomorrow.

Gone is the constant clamouring for "legends" of the scene to be ever present; respect where it's due, but we're now just as interested in the passing down of crowns. Last year we gave you twelve MCs to keep tabs on and, as time has proven, we were bang on the money. Truth be told, such is the depth of talent among up-and-comers across Britain, it's not so much the gamble on ability that poses the risk, it's predicting the precise year the newcomer pulls it together and makes the jump to unlock their full potential.

Some in this list have made it from unknown to hot property within 12 months, while others have simply taken time out to perfect their style and iron out their weaknesses. Here are 15 British Emcees Destined For A Big 2016.


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