Last year, Toronto-based producer and multi-instrumentalist 2nd Son gave us a glimpse into his world of analog synths, guitars, and drum machines with his debut EP, First Light. Synthetic textures, dream-inducing bass grooves, and next-level drum programming characterize his production catalogue, especially on collaborative tracks with electro-soul vocalist, and fellow Torontonian, a l l i e. 2nd Son’s wavy, pacifying beats have a way of putting you in a trance, and despite its title, his latest effort, “Wake Me,” presents an inviting opportunity to slip deeper into a meditative state.

On “Wake Me,” Gillian Mapp’s laid-back vocal sets a tranquil tone, and 2nd Son colours outside the lines with analog waves, percussive clicks, and wind-triggered chimes. Mapp’s lyrics tell a relatable story of adoration, as she sings, “You are my devotion/I'd set sail across the ocean to find you.” Before the song finishes, you’ve resolved to meet her halfway. 2nd Son and Gillian Mapp combined forces previously on the pensive First Light track “WDWGFH,” but "Wake Me" showcases a sunnier side to their collaborative relationship. 

“'Wake Me' is a song about understanding where we place our trust and allegiances, and recognizing what it takes to remain in the presence of the people and places that inspire us to dig deeper and move forward with positive energy,” 2nd Son told Complex. “One of the things I admire most in Gillian as both a writer and a singer is her ability to stir up genuine emotion and to pull the listener into resonance with her mood without having to be forceful or demanding,” he added. “I've seen her hush and hypnotize a noisy audience on stage with her eyes closed, adlibbing at not-much-more-than-a-whisper level, and it was incredible.”

Listen to “Wake Me” below. Stay tuned for 2nd Son’s sophomore EP x, dropping in March, with more vocal assistance from Gillian Mapp, a l l i e, Tika Simone, and more.