The fallout from Kanye West's Twitter rant yesterday—where he called out Wiz Khalifa in a series of since-deleted tweets—is still ongoing, and the reactions are coming in from everywhere. That includes former adult film star Lisa Ann, who is angry that Kanye brought up Amber Rose and her son Sebastian into the situation. In Ann's tweets about 'Ye last night, she said that she has emails of "unwarranted cock shots" that Kanye sent her in the past. That sure is something to behold, and not really anything new from Kanye since some of his dick pics actually leaked a few years back. 

She was also upset with Kanye's stripper comment about Amber, and said that he can't speak on it because he's married to Kim Kardashian. If you're anxious for Lisa Ann to put Kanye's nudes online, don't get your hopes up, as she said she won't be releasing them. "It is just a way to laugh," she tweeted. Amber has also shared her thoughts about Kanye's rant since it went down, and dropped some bombs of her own about her past sex life with 'Ye. Not only that, but in a new podcast that Amber recorded last night, she said that Kanye is a "fucking clown." So yeah, a lot going on right now.