Noted child rapper Lil Poopy has been out of the public's eye for quite sometime now. The last we heard from him, child services were looking into his father for child abuse and neglect allegations back in 2013. If you don't remember, Poopy rose to fame in 2012 under French Montana's Coke Boy label and his popular mixtape, Coke Ain't a Bad Word. Despite his popularity, Poopy was unable to take his rap career to the next level.

After leaving the public spotlight for a few years, Poopy is now back thanks to Jermaine Dupri​'s new Lifetime reality show, The Rap Game. If you haven't seen the show, Dupri is looking for the next child rap star through various competitions and challenges every week. Of course, Poopy is the most notable rapper on the show, and as our friends at Pigeons and Planes pointed out through their thorough investigation, the competition is his to lose. An interesting tidbit is that Poopy's father doesn't appear to be involved in the show in any way, though it's unclear what the outcome of the child services investigation was back in 2013. As far as his unusual name, Poopy said that he actually likes it.

Be sure to check P&P's full breakdown of episode one so that you can be ready to watch the rest of the season on Lifetime every Friday night.