Jermaine Dupri stopped by Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning to talk about his new television show, but one of the most interesting parts of the conversation came when Ebro called Rae Sremmurd the modern day Kris Kross. Dupri, who famously discovering Kris Kross in the early 90s, didn't love the comparison. "You should never do that please," he said. "Kris Kross was a phenomenon. Kris Kross sold 8 million records. Those two things alone, not to slight anybody, but when you say that somebody is somebody you have to be equal."

This doesn't mean that Dupri doesn't appreciate the Sremmlife duo. "I love Rae Sremmurd by the way. I think what they're doing is great," he said. He did, however, think that the cultural impact of Kris Kross was a unique moment in time that nobody has quite duplicated. "If I make something and it's successful, I'm going to fight to keep it as sacred as possible."

Beyond the Kris Kross/Rae Sremmurd talk, Dupri also went into detail about his relationship with his ex Janet Jackson (they don't talk), his thoughts on New York biting Atlanta's sound, and more. You can watch the whole interview above. The conversation about Rae Sremmurd starts at 28:30.