Jeezy has taken a stance for all adults out there who rather use DM, text or a phone call to relay messages.

Jizzle hopped on Twitter to say that grown men shouldn’t be sending Snapchats to each other. To him, it’s a little suspect and could get you into trouble.

Snap chat gone get somebody head knocked off!!FYI no grown man should try to snap chat another grown man!! Where they do that@

— Young Jeezy (@Jeezy) January 2, 2016

Key to success!! DJ Khaled voice!!😂😂

— Young Jeezy (@Jeezy) January 2, 2016

The Atlanta rapper does shout out his homie DJ Khaled, the Snapchat king delivering a constant stream of major keys to success on the app. Khaled, who is like hip-hop’s posterchild for Snapchat, has grown into a motivator for anyone trying to get inspired. It’s worth noting that Rick Ross, Waka Flocka Flame, Wale and more all use Snapchat just as much as Twitter and Instagram. But we can't confirm if they reply with Snaps after receiving one, so Jeezy might be on to something.

We'll give it time. Maybe Jeezy will have a change of heart.