UPDATE 1/13/16 3:40PM: Those hoping for an official version of Earl's "Mirror" won't have to wait long as it will appear on Samiyam's upcoming album, according to Stones Throw. The project is expected to come out in the springtime.

See below for the original story published on 1/12/16.

Some new music from Earl Sweatshirt titled "Mirror" made its way onto the Internet today, and we're in no way complaining. The song apparently originated from a KanyeToThe thread earlier today, though it's not known how the track wound up in their possession.

It's unclear when Earl actually recorded this song, but based on an interview he did with Pitchfork last April, the song was meant for his album, I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside. "The tracklist got fucked up. There was a song that’s so crucial for the balance of the album called ‘Mirror’ that was supposed to come right after ‘Faucet'," Earl said in the interview. Who knows why the track didn't make the cut, but at least it's out now. Also, Earl seems pretty excited that it finally dropped.

The initial SoundCloud upload was taken down, but it's now back up for your listening pleasure.