Next up in the Complex Sessions mix series is Birmingham's own Arun Verone, the one-man house ambassador bringing house and techno to grime heads everywhere. Tracks like "Ketamine" and "I Can't Believe" present us with a DJ and producer whose knowledge of dance music's history is untouchable. Still, you won't find him relying on the classics; Verone's sound is right at the bleeding-edge of dance music. What's most remarkable about this guy is his ability to win over even the most cynical anti-house fanatic. The number of grime and rap fans who love Verone but hate house is remarkably high. Even more impressive is his ability to win them over without ever compromising his vision as a DJ.

Arun will never patronise his audience, instead opting to win them over with his indelible ear for a tune and, of course, his unique brand of techno-induced house. His exclusive Complex mix features a generous handful of his own tracks, punctuated with some prime cuts from Azari & III, Vibe Killers, Dusky and Leftwing & Kody. Naturally, that trademark Verone sound is stamped all over this mix which, impressively, owes more to his ear as a selector than it does to his own productions.

Tell us a bit about your selections in this mix.
Having spent the last six to eight months honing my whole image, sound, and the way I play, I felt as if this mix was the perfect opportunity for me to express how much I have truly re-invented myself. I've selected some of my personal favourites in my collectionsome old, some newbut most of the tracks represent the only vibe that I now associate myself with.

What was the one track you absolutely had to include?
My own, obviously [laughs]. The one track I had to include was Ryan Crosson's "D!!". I heard Jamie Jones play it live sometime last year, and it made me feel alive and just full of life. What an absolute track that is!

Any tracks that narrowly missed the cut?
There's a few, but there is so much good music out there nowadays it's so hard to choose a set sometimes so I just go with my energies at the time. This just makes me not much of a tracklist-making kind of guy, but I decided to give it a go for this mix; I think I'll be making them more often now.

What's the first single or album you ever bought?
The first album I ever bought was Limp Bizkit's Starfish & The Hotdog Flavoured Water. That one brings back a lot of good memories.

What do you want to see happen musically over the next 12 months?
I'd like to be getting more overseas shows, but things like bookings come after the musicwhich I'm well aware of—but I just want to see progression within myself and my music. I've come a long way from just making "tin pan" tracks to actually producing good music, and more than that, it's stuff that people are actually enjoying which just makes me want to give them more. It's all about progression. Music is a powerful tool, both mentally and spiritually, and I hope to embrace both sides as the weeks, months, and years go on. 

What trend or scene absolutely needs to die right now?
I think it all just comes down to a personal taste, just like most things, but a trend to do with music that needs to go is the whole dramatic shuffling. I don't mind a good bit of smooth footwork, because it's like euphoria watching someone move effortlessly on the dancefloor, but seeing folks attempting aerobics in clubs is just unfair on other dancers who have to be on guard so they don't unexpectedly dance into a backflip-slide-triangle-moonwalk [laughs]. I've been known to do a lovely bit of footwork myself, at family parties, but I think I'll leave it to the professionals at the raves.

Stream and free-download below.


1. Arun Verone - Feel It II (Original Mix)
2. Fabien Hugh - Cool Cats (Original Mix)
3. Azari & III - Reckless With Your Love (Steve Lawler Remix)
4. Basement Jaxx - Sneaking Toronto (Martinez Brother Remix)
5. Patrick Topping & Green Velvet - Shining (Original Mix)
6. Arun Verone - The Way (Original Mix)
7. Paul C & Paulo Martini - Bowshee
8. Dusky - Lydia 
9. Montel - Jumpin
10. Arun Verone & Sonny Koko - Cant Get Enough (Original Mix)
11. Ryan Crosson - D!! (Original Mix)
12. Leftwing & Kody & Cera Alba - I Got One Way
13. Vibe Killers - Cheeno 
14. Valer Den Bit & REd’U -B Insanity Forest (Samotarev Remix)
15. Arun Verone - People From Mars (Original Mix)