Who run the world? Queen Bey, of course. As if we needed any more proof of Beyoncé​'s divine perfection, the global star showed off her sense of humor by accompanying a very provocatively-dressed Channing Tatum during his performance of her hit, "Who Run the World (Girls)," on Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle.

The planned cameo was reported by Entertainment Weekly back in October, but the crowd was just as happily surprised with Bey's appearance. When it ended, Tatum respectfully bowed to the Queen, both with their windswept golden locks flowing in the breeze.

LL Cool J is ALL OF US RIGHT NOW. #LipSyncBattle pic.twitter.com/x2GFzsE5LK

— Rebecca (@rebeccaaa13) January 8, 2016

That...was...well, @JennaLDewan put it best. #LipSyncBattle #TatumTakeover pic.twitter.com/5uXwJ4w5xe

— #LipSyncBattle (@SpikeLSB) January 8, 2016