2 Chainz's "Watch Out" is easily one of the hottest songs in the streets, and to be honest, it's been that way for months now. The infectious, piano-laced trap tune gets the proper video treatment today, thanks to Motion Family. From the start, viewers will get the sense that this video isn't like anything else they've ever seen 2 Chainz do. The video is literally made for the viral culture of the Internet in 2016, with Chainz's head super-imposed over a number of characters while they dance along to the track. From an old man and his wife, a pizza guy, to President Barack Obama, Chainz is literally doing the most in the best way possible. We're hoping the video will give the song even more of a boost and continue its crazy run well into 2016, and seeing that the song is featured in the latest BeatsByDre spot with Cam Newton, that seems like a safe bet. 

Plus, 2 Chainz's "Watch Out" video is a GIF-maker's dream come true. 

See, we're not lying. 

Get it baby Chainz.

Dab on 'em. 


You can watch the online premiere of the video above, and be sure to stay tuned for footage from the Beats Billboard premiere of the video in Times Square at 3:00 EST in New York City.