Saturday Night Live decided to mess with Justin Bieber fans, and the results were hilarious. In a cut sketch originally meant to air back in October, cast member Kyle Mooney staked out a position in the rain outside of the pop star's Today Show performance in New York City. He then proceeded to interview some Beliebers in the most painfully awkward way possible. He mumbled into the microphone, got confronted by police, and forced one very unfortunate girl to repeat the same phrase over and over. "He can sing, he can dance, and I don't think that he's too bad to look at either," he remarked at one point to a very uncomfortable-looking woman. Clearly Justin's fans weren't super enthused about being the butt of Mooney's jokes.

This sketch is just the latest round in the history of SNL's Bieber skewers. The cast famously parodied his Calvin Klein ad earlier this year.