Four years after David Banner condemned her usage of the word in a song called "Swag," former White Girl Mob rapper V-Nasty has again defended her personal and musical use of the n-word. Speaking with the No Jumper podcast, V-Nasty claimed she shouldn't be criticized for saying the word while nonchalantly using it throughout the interview. 

"I was just always being myself on the camera," V-Nasty says around the seven-minute mark of the interview. "What made me be seen was like, me saying 'n*gga.' They like, 'Oh this white girl's saying "n*gga."' What? That's all you looking at? You don't know what I been through. You don't know my struggle. You don't know what I seen. I'm a n*gga! I'm a n*gga! I am a n*gga."

When asked to expand on her rationale for using the word, V-Nasty said, "I got a dick and balls," and added, "It's just a term of endearment, like, 'That's my n*gga.' I'm a n*gga. Everybody my n*gga. It's just a word. Fuck a race. Fuck white, black, Puerto Rican, Asian, all that." The tone-deaf comments continued when V-Nasty offered: "We came from that environment, the streets, the struggle." 

In a 2011 interview with XXL V-Nasty claimed she would stop using the word in her music and in public, saying, "I’m working on not using the N-word in my music and stuff...I just feel like I’m gonna stop using it in my music, in a public eye." She later added: "On an everyday thing when I’m with my friends, I don’t feel like I should have to change anything."

Watch the full interview above.